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The first shot is done-no music yet though. To view it you can either go to:
So far I'm pleased with how it's going. It definitely won't be don
This part of a claymation project titled:
A flying claymation bird.
We'll see how it goes with only 6 weeks before I leave, but I do have one idea for a video to do before I leave. But I also only have 6 weeks to do it so it is quite likely that it 
It sure has been a while since anything was added...Maybe I should get on that before I leave in March.
also, those future releases most likely aren't going to even remotely happen.
We have added our channel to Vimeo. If you would like to check it out go to:


Updates to the website:

First of all: we changed the website's banner. It took a lot of work but we figured out how to use an animated gif and it has turned out rather nice. The quality isn't the best however because file size is limited by weebly. 
Next: A new page has been added. The "Major Projects" page. This page is for our larger projects, such as "Vengeance" and "Falsification," which themselves have separate pages. The "Vengeance" page has been moved here.
Finally: Some minor changes in the site's organization have been made. These are:
  • Reordered the Navigation tabs for easier navigation to more important pages
  • Changed the structure of some of these tabs ("Contact Info." is now under "Home/About Us," etc.)

Future Releases:

While these aren't necessarily going to happen here are some things to look forward to:
For Jailbroken iOS devices:
      A winterboard theme (will include installation instructions and is pretty much guaranteed to happen)
      An app (this one is a lot more iffy-right now it's just an idea and I'll have to look into it a lot more to figure out if it will actually happen.)
Instructions on how to jailbreak your iOS device
Time for an update on "Falsification."
So far we are 6 1/2 scenes into the writing with 11 pages of script and 9 min. and 47 sec. worth of material written. We still have a long way to go as well...at the moment it looks like it should be between an hour and a full-length movie.
Here is an excerpt from the script:

The pace for "Falsification" so far at 4 scenes into the writing.

A new project is in the works for A&A Productions. A sci-fi film. Length is still unknown but with one scene written it seems that it will be longer than "Vengeance." The title for now is "Falsification" but it could change in the future.
"Cappocetto Rosso" (Little Red RIding Hood), our next Italian skit, will be released Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

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